Client: Shanti

Duration of Acne Bootcamp: 6 - 8 weeks

Favorite Product: PBS UV Shield

Testimonial: “I chose PBS UV Shield 30 as my favorite because it’s makes my skin glow every time I use it! It’s the perfect topping to my skincare routine. My face is instantly shiny and hydrated... plus it just feels amazing!”

- Shanti

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Client: Paulina

Duration of Acne Bootcamp: 6 - 8 weeks

Favorite Product: Hydra Sal Tonic

Testimonial: “I chose the Hydrasal Tonic because it’s dual purpose. Not only is it part of my daily routine but also helps refresh my skin as needed. Absolutely critical and eventually it becomes second nature. I wouldn’t dream of not following my routine morning and night”

- Paulina


Client: Joselyn

Duration of Acne Bootcamp: 6 - 8 weeks

Favorite Product: The Hydra Mandelic Serum

Testimonial: “My experience with the acne clearing process started out as quite the rollercoaster. Having never really experienced acne before I wasn’t prepared for the insecurities that came with sudden onset acne but Sylvia worked wonders on my skin. I had so much support through the process and learned to really trust her knowledgeable and educated advice. Changes were made to my daily routine but they were fully customized to my needs and I loved that. The Hydramandelic serum is my favorite product because it has put life back into my skin! It has really softened impurity’s and texture in my skin.”

- Joselyn


Client: Chelsea

Duration of Acne Bootcamp: 6 - 8 weeks

Favorite Product: Koji Bright Serum

Testimonial: “The Koji Bright serum made all of my dark spots go away. Because of the serum, you can’t even tell that I had acne. It has been a challenging but rewarding experience. In the beginning I struggled to change my diet and keep up with the routine. But once I finally buckled down and took all of your advice, I started noticing some changes. When I was no longer getting acne at all, I honestly couldn’t believe that something was finally working. I’ve been to numerous dermatologists, tried several medications, but nothing had really worked in the past. Now my face is so smooth and free of dark spots. I’m so glad I made that first appointment.”

- Chelsea


Client: Amberly

Duration of Acne Bootcamp: 6 - 8 weeks

Favorite Product: Koji Bright Serum

Testimonial: “I feel that the Koji Bright product was key in adding the evenness in my skin tone (other than applying sunscreen)  and also leaves me hydrated after I apply it without needing my moisturizer or feeling drying so I feel more lightweight and free on my face and not weighed down. I cut out most dairy I still eat cheese randomly. Sorry! I love queso but not like I use too. My diet was already pretty good other than dairy I cut out the amount of cheese I was eating a lot. And stopped eating my peanut butter.”

- Amberly  


Your first step to clear skin starts with an extensive consultation appointment.  We will determine your skin type, skin condition, conduct a sensitivity test, trouble shoot issues that contribute to your individual acne condition and discuss how to move forward. Participation in the acne management program is a team effort – please have your calendar ready to schedule a treatment every 2 weeks. If you comply fully with the Pure Beauty Skincare Acne Bootcamp program requirements (keep your regularly scheduled appointments and faithfully use your home care products), you will have clearer, healthier skin in as little as 90 days. Bootcamp participants receive a 6 product homecare kit to begin treatment.

Cost: $495